Project Management

"We 'get it' ….so the General Contractor gets it done."

Project Management

From concept to completion, we understand both design and construction. JJ collaborates with Developers and Building Owners to manage all logistics during construction. We:

  • Build construction schedules
  • Organize materials delivery, billing and paper flow
  • Ensure each design element meets specification
  • Verify blueprints
  • Communicate with client, trades, and manufacturers
  • Set benchmarks and establish design parameters
  • Compile complete project presentation binders of team resources

JJ Stands in for the client when they can’t be there. We:

  • Maintain quality control over the trades, materials, budgets, and timelines
  • Update and consult with client on changes and/or issues that arise onsite
  • Seek immediate client approval for solution implementation
  • Keep the project moving forward